Is Your SEO Strategy too Google Focused?

by Admin on September 3, 2011

Of course, Google is undoubtedly the most important player in the search engine landscape, and they represent the lion's share of where people go to conduct their searches. As such, it would make sense to social media marketers to focus almost exclusively on Google and figuring out how to optimize for its respective algorithms. Although Google will certainly not go away in the near future, there are other outlets where millions of people go to share and browse.

According to a Search Engine Land article, “Beyond Google” there is some value to looking at some other sites other than the search engine juggernaut. The SEL article focuses on a search engine strategy that incorporates “social media engines”, which include Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Digg. The advantage of having a presence on engines like these is that they are user-driven, not algorithm driven. As such, if you have high quality content, then it's possible for your content to “go viral”, to use the now-popular phrase used to describe any web content that has achieved a cult-like following.

In a more recent article published on Reve News, writer Eric Bratner notes that there is even value in moving beyond the more popular social media engines like Digg, and instead trying to sustain a presence on niche social media sites. Bratner explains:

“Sure, going hot on Digg could get you about 20,000 visitors to your page, but the quality of the traffic leaves something to be desired. The quality of traffic from niche social media sites is usually higher than from a mainstream one. In fact, Tamar Weinberg did an interesting case study to find which generates better traffic: niche or generic social media sites. According to Weinberg the trend indicates that niche traffic is better.”

Bratner goes on to explain that getting involved with niche sites will build greater authority within your industry. Considering the incredible plurality of industries out there, it's best to shoot for something more specialized if you want to remain competitive. Other benefits that Bratner includes are generating more relevant inbound links, becoming part of a community that is traditionally more supportive, and not taking the risk of putting all your efforts into one or two hugely competitive sites.

Along with looking at other venues besides Google in which to establish a presence as an internet marketer, it is also a good idea to venture beyond Google's PageRank metric. A Six Revisions article explains the weaknesses of only using PageRank. What's more, the article also gives a thorough rundown of different SEO metrics, as well as an explanation of what each offers that PR doesn't. Some of the metrics included are Domain Trust, MozRank, and


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